You love cooking, have your favorite books, bookmarked lots of awesome recipes from awesome food blogs. 
The kitchen is ready. 

The pots and pans are waiting. You bought all the best ingredients. Ok, there you have it all, and yet, even if you followed step-by-step they don't seem to work right. Have you been there? So, let's face the challenge together!

Choose two to five of the wonderful recipes you want to cook and I will coach you and guide you for the maximum optimization of your time in the kitchen for great results.  We will spend sometime in your kitchen just decoding those mysteries, using the maximum of our intuition, to make them work. 
I also can help you to add your signature twist on a recipe or adjust a family staple to your dietary needs. We can eliminate salt, add some different ingredients, turn them into plant based and make them extremely personal and contemporary. 

See you by video call in your kitchen!

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