Elderberries and Wild California Grapes 

The Red Basket Chef is thrilled to announce its collaboration with Middlebrook Center this season, developing recipes and organizing a series of workshops to promote the use of native California plants as valuable ingredients for truthful, sustainable and healthy food. 

From this wonderful partnership with Alrie Middlebrook, The Red Basket Chef takes a fresh start on a new era of cooking. The focus is to integrate native California edibles to contribute directly to a new farming culture which privileges perennials, drought tolerant plants, loaded with nutrition and innovative flavors, creating the base for a sustainable food system for the future.

Join us to come over for the events, and consider joining us for the Eating California Harvest Festival, on September 20th. It's a fun opportunity to get to know this avant-garde food movement, taste intriguing food and get to know the beautiful gardens at Race Street.