Big Apple, here we go!

After 10 years teaching, cooking and creating new recipes and menus in San Francisco Bay Area, we moved to New York City.

Please visit my new web based project, The Content Cook, with some really nutritious food for thought and tips of how to find the joy while cooking. 

And for the sake of celebrating good old times, a bit of our recent past: 

The chef uses the best local, fresh, and seasonal ingredients to prepare deliciously healthy menus to please your well being, from exclusively vegetarian and vegans to those who eat a bit of everything. 

From dinner parties to every day cooking sessions, the personal chef service is a easy way to keep your life quality running without having the work of meal planning, shopping and cooking.

All you have to do is approve a menu, and open the fridge and freezer to find all meals ready for you and your family. You’re warmly invited to join the chef in the kitchen for private fun cooking sessions. The hands-on workshops are educational and a great way of socializing.